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Würth Baer Supply Company and Omnirobotic Sign Distribution Agreement to Commercialize Autonomous Robots for the Woodworking Market

Würth Baer Supply Company & Omnirobotic Inc. have concluded a strategic distribution agreement to commercialize advanced and autonomous robotic equipment. Effective October 1, 2023, Wurth became an official distributor of Omnirobotic’s autonomous machines in the Eastern United States. Würth Baer and Omnirobotic will collaborate to promote and install autonomous sanding machinery in the woodworking market, specifically to kitchen cabinet manufacturers.

With the ongoing labor shortage crisis, both parties anticipate this partnership will bring a cost-effective solution for woodworking manufacturers looking for simple-to-use automation solutions.

Würth Baer and Omnirobotic share the deeply ingrained fundamental principles of mutual trust, reliability, honesty and straightforwardness. Both companies continuously pursue process improvements, technological innovations and value-added service opportunities which will serve this partnership well. Partnering with Omnirobotic follows the Würth Baer path to providing customers cutting-edge technology with these automated sanding solutions. What make Omnirobotic stand out is their unique combination of productivity, quality, and simplicity that will make this equipment the de facto standard for any kitchen manufacturer looking to expand their business and reduce costs.” – Ken Kriney, National Sales Director – Machinery Würth Baer Supply Company.

“At Omnirobotic, we are passionate about developing the next generation of AI-driven machines for the manufacturing industry.  We want those machines to be simple and perform at the highest level on the factory floor. Würth Baer possesses vast experience in the woodworking market, and we are pleased to be working with them to introduce our products and give us valuable feedback. Both companies want to help the woodworking sector with advanced and reliable solutions.” – Francois Simard, CEO – Omnirobotic.

About Würth Baer Supply Company

Würth Baer Supply Company is one of the nation’s leading specialty wholesale distributors to the woodworking industry, offering an extensive inventory of decorative and functional hardware and fittings, tools, shop supplies, surfacing materials, and board and panel products.


  • Over 25,000 residential and commercial customers served, including cabinetmakers, countertop fabricators, kitchen and bath stores, and furniture and closet manufacturers.
  • Over 50 years of business growth, including both product line and geographic expansion.
  • 20 branch locations throughout the Midwest, New England, and North and East Central U.S.
  • Over 400 employees, including over 100 in the outside sales force.
  • A member of the Würth Group of Germany, the world’s largest fastener distributor, with over 400 companies in 85 countries.
  • Over 50,000 SKU’s in our inventory, including over 19,000 hardware items and over 30,000 surfacing items.
  • Over 300 vendors represented.

About Omnirobotic Inc.

Focused on building products that help manufacturers – and society – grow, Omnirobotic Inc. designs and manufactures proven and advanced machines that make a difference. Based in Montreal, Omnirobotic’s award-winning team has more than 25 years of experience in machine vision and robotics and more than 15 years of experience designing complex software products, including early use of AI. They’re dedicated to bringing more autonomy to manufacturers of all kinds through the power of autonomous robotics. With their innovative autonomous product, they are improving working conditions while solving the skilled labor shortage, giving them more autonomy through the power of autonomous robotics products, creating a future where there’s no labor shortage, no hard and painful work, and no more wasted time and resources in factories.

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