Self-Programming Robots for High-Mix Finishing

Omnirobotic's Shape-to-Motion™ Technology allows you to set goals for robots and eliminates the need to program them. Overcome bottlenecks, beat your productivity goals and open the door to autonomous manufacturing with your very own self-programming coating line.
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This is SHAPE-TO-MOTION™ Technology


Our proprietary OmniScanners™ see your part within your environment, processing surfaces and their relevant instructions with greater visual acuity than your best skilled worker while also eliminating the need for complex production sequencing or location jigs.


Our OmniBrain™ analyzes over 10,000 different robot motion scenarios as they apply to your finishing or spray process, all while accounting for your part position and design of your spray booth or robot cell. Using an Industry 4.0-based Digital Twin, it generates a complete recreation of your part, motion and environment to validate that it’s generated the most efficient possible motion – a process that’s compatible with various models of industrial robots.


Based on 3D scanning and AI motion planning, Omnirobotic’s Shape-to-Motion™ technology creates a specific robot program for each part as they move through your finishing line. This is done no matter the variety of parts, their size, placement, orientation or how they are moved through your finishing booth. Our technology works in real-time so users can run their production with the same flexibility as an all-human operation – without having to worry about batching or programming robots as is currently necessary.

Empower Your Operation

Shape-to-Motion™ Technology gives your team more skilled labor capacity. At every level, finishing departments can become aligned through the power of automation. Learn how self-programming, autonomous industrial robots can change your organization.

Process-Driven Success

Autonomous Industrial Robots will rapidly become the new norm for High-Mix Manufacturers, but it’s not just finishing departments that can benefit. With the right hardware, any spray process can be effectively and efficiently automated. 

What You Get

With Omnirobotic's technology, you can see immediate benefits that help drive a fast payback period, all while aligning your finishing department and improving other spray processes through the existing benefits of industrial robotics.

Real-Time Motion Programming

Real-Time Motion Programming

Shape-to-Motion™ Technology generates programs in real-time based on true part position, shape and process parameters, meaning less preparation than ever before.

Inline Optimization

Inline Optimization

Spray pattern validation, thickness compensation and more provide accurate, high-quality outputs with limited rework and no jigging, no matter your part mix.

Maximum Output

Maximum Output

Robots are known for their constancy, repeatability and throughput. With Shape-to-Motion™ Technology, high-mix manufacturers can finally take advantage!

Who uses self-programming robots?

Omnirobotic’s Shape-to-Motion ™ Technology is already being deployed in a variety of high-mix manufacturing shops, including: Aerospace, Heavy Equipment, Furniture, Sheet Metal, Structural Steel, Industrial Components and more.

Why now?

Many high-mix organizations have tried and failed to deploy robotics in a practical, cost-effective way. With the progress of AI, along with the decades of experience and insight our team brings to the table, self-programming robots are finally possible and proven for industrial spray finishing processes. Try our Payback Calculator to see what practical benefits you can get from self-programming robots.

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