The Engine for Autonomous Machines

AutonomyOS™ lets you use robots that work the way skilled workers do.

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Autonomous Machines


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Welcome To the Age of Autonomous Machines

Leverage the only autonomy platform on the market today, bringing more behaviors to life and scale machines within the enterprise.

How Do They Work?

Autonomous machines – powered by AutonomyOS™  – use 3D perception, task planning and motion planning to allow manufacturers to accomplish varied goals with the same robotics system, all without any programming required.

Our platform includes:

Built-in task and motion planning to automatically generate robot programs.

Robust 3D Perception that allows robots to “see” parts in real-time and process them, regardless of shape or surface finish.

AI controller that can drive autonomous systems for any process, including painting, welding, deburring, and more.

Application-specific templates make it easy to build a new scene or process without having to be an expert.

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AutonomyOS™ For All!

Before AutonomyOS™, only High-Volume manufacturers could benefit from robotics. With AutonomyOS™, all kinds of manufacturers – including High-Mix manufacturers – can benefit from the power of autonomous robotic machines.

Where AutonomyOS™-Powered Machines Truly Shine

Powder Coating

Process with continuous motion, maximize transfer efficiency.


Use algorithmic consistency to eliminate waste and rework.


Eliminate offline programming, program touch-ups and avoid collision with clamps.


Free-up CNC time and make life easier for your operators.


Smooth and consistent finish without the headaches.


Stop bending over backwards, measure better and more.

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