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Robotic Sanding Assistant​

The Robotic Sanding Assistant offers autonomous sanding quality and performance in its simplest form. Specially designed for sanding composite or wood parts, this advanced sanding machine will help you face the skilled labor-shortage and boost your productivity.

No training to operate

Fast payback

Small Footprint

Consistent Sanding Quality

No training to operate
Fast Payback
Small Footprint
Consistent Sanding Quality

Unmatched Quality

Powered by AutonomyOS™, an AI platform for robots, it autonomously performs every sanding task with a quality that is second to none. This machine from Omnirobotic can be used by anyone. It’s the simplest autonomous robotic sanding machine on the market, yet it performs so well that it’s the last machine or person that touches your part before it’s shipped to your customers.


The Robotic Sanding Assistant is autonomous. This means you can put any part in front of the machine, and it will automatically recognize, understand the work to be done according to your CAD file, and execute it. If the robot can not reach some area on the first pass, just reposition your part and press the Continue button.

Main Features

Six-axis robot arm

Replicates human arm and compensates for variations, ensuring perfect and consistent sanding quality, superior to human results.

Built-in Neural Engine

AutonomyOS™ performs every sanding task autonomously on part without fixtures or additional setup.

Designed to make a difference

it does the heavy lifting to improve the working conditions of the people working alongside it.

Simple, safe, and robust

Anyone can operate it. No specialized staff or training is required. - Small footprint: Make installation easy without stopping your production

Small footprint

Make installation easy without stopping your production

Fast Return on investment

Durable machine built to last with minimal maintenance.


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Delivered to your floor and operational the same day! An instant solution that will multiply your productivity from day one.