Meet the team

World-class Team

Behind our robots is an exceptional world-class team. Passionate people, experts in artificial intelligence and robotics.

Francois Simard, B. Eng. Omnirobotic Founder & CEO

Francois Simard, B. Eng.
Founder & CEO

Over 25 years of experience in the field of machine vision and robotic integration.

Laurier Roy, B. Eng. Omnirobotic Founder & CTO

Laurier Roy, B. Eng.
Founder & CTO

More than 15 years of experience in the design and structuring of complex software products including early use of AI

Pierre Ravary, BAA. CPA-CA Omnirobotic CFO

Pierre Ravary, BAA. CPA-CA

Extensive experience in start-up consulting. Over 10 years as CFO of Toon Boom Animation, a major Emmy award-winning studio software.

Tania Silva, BAA. Omnirobotic Director of Operations

Tania Silva, BAA.
Director of Operations

Jean-Francois Sevigny, B. Eng. Omnirobotic Project engineer

Jean-Francois Sevigny, B. Eng.
Engineering and Services Director

Jonathan L'Heureux, B. Eng. Omnirobotic Software Architect

Jonathan L'Heureux, B. Eng.
Software Architect

Ulric Villeneuve, B. Eng. Omnirobotic C++ Software Developer

Ulric Villeneuve, B. Eng. C++ Software Developer

Olivier Provost M. Eng. Omnirobotic Software developer in 3D algorithms

Olivier Provost M. Eng.
Software developer in 3D algorithms

Alexandre Lamarre B. Eng. Omnirobotic Application Specialist

Alexandre Lamarre B. Eng.
Application Specialist

Wassime Siguerdidjane PhD. Eng. Omnirobotic Software developer in 3D algorithms

Wassime Siguerdidjane PhD. Eng.
Software developer in 3D algorithms

Nathalie Piché, Cert. Omnirobotic Marketing

Nathalie Piché, Cert.
Customer Experience Manager

Creating the Future for Autonomous Manufacturing

Omnirobotic is leading the way in making autonomous manufacturing a reality. Contact us, join us, leave your contribution – true success comes in living with passion and making an impact. By letting humans set the goals and robots do the work, we can all find ways to make life better.

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