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Panel Sanding Assistant

The Panel Sanding Assistant offers autonomous sanding quality and performance in its simplest form.

Quality second to none

Are you ready to see the future of sanding?

The revolutionary Omnirobotic Panel Sanding Assistant is designed to solve the issue of finding skilled labour while improving the quality of your sanding operations. Simply place your panels on one of the two tables, and the overhead 3D cameras will determine their orientation and type and scan for both the shape and depth. It will then autonomously sand each door style, whether a shaker or raised panel type, with a quality second to none. No need to manually touch up the inside edges or corners.

The most advanced machine in its category

With its built-in neural engine, autonomously performs any sanding task on different panels and frames without fixtures or additional setup.

Efficient. Reliable. Easy.

One-click Instant Quality

  1. Place panels anywhere on the table
  2. Push Start Button
  3. Your automated Assistant execute

advanced machine

Product Highlights

15M voxel/m³

Support multiple panels in any orientation

80”x36” vacuum table

Automatic Vacuum Tables that hold any number of panels of any sizes for higher productivity

Force compensator

Precise and consistent control of force on the abrasive for superb finish quality

AI tool path generation

All autonomous. No jig or parameter inputs required.

Dual laser sensor

0.1mm and 0.1 degree accuracy

Anyone can use it

2 minutes training

Zero programming

Powered by AutonomyOS™, an advanced operating system developed by Omnirobotic. Completely codefree.

≈ 90 ft²/h sanding throughput

Two productivity workspaces allow continuous robot AND human operation.

Perfect every time

Quality second to none. No need to manually touch up inside edges or corners.

Hassle-free installation and setup

The Omnirobotic team will be with you every step of the way. We are committed to making sure that your transition to automation is as smooth as possible. Contact us to learn more.

Straight from the production floor to you
All units are assembled by certified technicians at Omnirobotic's facility in Laval, Quebec.
White glove delivery
The unit is shipped as a 3-piece kit for easy transport and installation.
On-site installation and setup
An Omnirobotic technician will be on site to install, set up and fine-tune your sanding preset to meet your production requirements.
Operational the same day!
An instant solution that will multiply your productivity from day one.
After-sales service and support
We are dedicated to our customers, and we are here to help whenever you need us.
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Robotic Sander illustration, the Panel Sanding Assistant from Omnirobotic

Built to collaborate with humans

The robotic sander is safe to work alongside with humans, so it will do the bulk of the sanding and multiply the effectiveness of his human teammate. Empower and retain your employees by equipping them with a Sanding Panel Assistant today.

Robotic sander

Small footprint. Large Capacity.

This robotic sander compact cell fits on any factory floor. The 80 x 36 inches vacuum tables can support many panels at once or even doors.

3 workers = Robotic Sander + one worker

Fast Payback

Your team can manage loading and unloading with ease while your robotic sander never misses a beat. The Panel Sanding Assistant typically pays for itself within a year and be running for decades, making it an excellent investment.

Price Request

Delivered to your floor and operational the same day! An instant solution that will multiply your productivity from day one.