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Woodworking Technology Days (WTD) 2023

The WTD is back, giving visitors five days to visit members’ extensive showrooms and see the latest new technology, including some North American premieres, such as the Panel Sanding Assistant from Omnirobotic. No other show or single event offers you such a wide display of woodworking equipment, combined with impressive live demonstrations at each location. Visit the Akhurst showroom for a live demonstration of the Panel Sanding Assistant and see the power of AutonomyOS™ in action.

The demo at the WDT has taken place on December 5-8, 2023. For upcoming event please visit our event page or Follow us on Social Media to stay updated on the latest events.

For more information, please contact Omnirobotic at (450) 231-1077 or email

Akhurst Showroom
5939 Wallace Street
Mississauga, ON L4Z 1Z8

Omnirobotic Panel Sanding Assistant

2023 Latest design of the Panel Sanding Assistant

Omnirobotic will present the latest design of the Panel Sanding Assistant. The same technology but with an improved ergonomic design and new laser probing sensors technology.

Key Features

  • Fully autonomous The robot see, understand and, sand panels autonomously thanks to AutonomyOS™
  • Dual tables multipanelsTwo independent work zones for higher productivity allow continuous robot AND human operation.
  • Vacuum tables Two Automatic Vacuum Tables that hold any number of panels of any sizes for higher productivity. Zero setup time!

  • Collaborative Robot Collaborative robotics enabling humans to work safely alongside the robot in real time on vacuum tables for higher productivity. The operators can performs secondary operation on panels directly on the table before pressing the GO (green) button to start the robotic sanding process, thus activating the vacuum on the table.
  • 8 Year, Zero Maintenance Robust and low maintenance IP67 Robot (0 Maintenance for the first 8 years) reducing operating cost
  • Standard Square Sander Standard pneumatic orbital sander. Easy to replace pneumatic sander reducing operating cost and downtime. Those sanders are cheap yet durable and easy to find. Replacing them takes 10 minutes.
  • Automatic Registration Autonomous machine Registration eliminating costly mechanical tune up.
  • Laser Detection Accurate laser Recessed corner detection for impeccable sanding. No need for human touchups
  • Corner Detection Preference Corner Detection Preference. Selectable number of corner detection (0, 2 or 4) to match your company productivity vs quality ratio
  • Simple Operator Interface

    • Simple mechanical buttons operator interface (2 minute training) reducing operating cost
    • 4 selectable sanding presets using mechanical selector switch

  • Adjustable Sanding Parameters
    • Fully Configurable Sanding Presetss for each panel section (Recessed surface, Recessed Perimeter and Raised Surfaces) for impeccable sanding
    • Adjustable sanding speed @ +/- 1mm/s and sanding overlap @ +/- 1mm for impeccable sanding
    • Adjustable force compensator allowing to set two sanding force depending of media grit @ +/- 1 Newton accuracy for impeccable sanding
    • ButterFly internal corner sanding for impeccable sanding
    • ButterFly external corner sanding for impeccable sanding
  • Collision prevention using 3D perception avoiding downtime and reducing operating cost

  • Media Changer Single abrasive media changer (manual button to change media)

  • Media timer Media wear timer reducing operating cost
  • Media Detector Media detector to avoid damaging the sander pad if the abrasive is not present, reducing operating cost
  • Extended warranty on OmniBrain™ (parts and labor)*
  • 1 Year Onsite Support*
  • 1 Year Remote Support**

* Transport, Traveling & living expenses are cost + 20%   ** Requires Security update services

Panel Sanding Assistant

Specially designed for kitchen cabinet manufacturers, this advanced sanding machine will help you face the skilled labor-shortage and boost your productivity.

About the WTD

In 2020, the CWMDA members have decided to group together and create a new event that would offer a much broader display of specialized production machinery, without the space limitations and the costs related to a traditional trade show. The WTD takes full advantage of eight extensive showrooms located in Mississauga, Brampton and Cambridge, which allows to show a wide variety of machines and offer a higher number of live demos in a most suitable “Open House” formula. Our goal is to provide visitors with a closer, one-to-one experience, where applications and other aspects of a machinery project can be discussed with professionals.