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As one customer told us, our technology is: “too good to be true”. That’s why we encourage our customers to bring their panels in and try the Panel Sanding Assistant for themselves. You will be amazed at the technology, the ease of use, the precision and the quality.

Throughout the year, Omnirobotic will be conducting demonstrations at numerous locations. We will continue to update the events section and social media as new dates are confirmed.

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Francois Simard, B. Eng. Omnirobotic Founder & CEO

Francois Simard, B. Ing.

Founder & CEO

Tania Silva, BAA. Omnirobotic Director of Operations

Tania Silva, BAA.

Director of Operations

Jean-Francois Sevigny, B. Eng. Omnirobotic Project engineer

Jean-Francois Sevigny, B. Ing.

Engineering and Services Director