Automate Truly Painful Work

Sanding is a relaxing, but challenging job. The pain of operators is real. Autonomous machines can save them - and you - from the challenges of the daily grind.

Easy Workflow

The 3D perception found within AutonomyOS™ allows you to establish multiple workstations in preferred layouts, unlocking new sanding productivity. 

Flexible Positioning

The use of 3D perception also requires no jigging or fixturing, making it easier for operators to position parts in compliance range.

Work With Existing End Effectors

Don’t limit yourself to old approaches – the latest end effectors and automation controllers can always be connected with the OmniBrain™, providing real-time operation with maximum sensitivity.

Who Benefits?

Autonomous machines make life easier for:


Production managers, supervisors and executives who want to overcome skilled labor shortages.


Any process or control specialist who wants to improve quality, output or reduce rework and save on wasted material.


Robotics engineering teams who simply don’t want to go through any of the pain that comes with programming or jigging in traditional machines.


Skilled workers who want to get out of harm’s way, have more comfortable and safer working conditions while being even MORE productive.

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