Why Autonomous Manufacturing?

Autonomous Manufacturing Technology can drive robots that empower your operation to do more at every level.

Finishing Bottlenecks Are Still With Us

Every year, high-mix manufacturers lose countless days and weeks to inconsistent processes, rework and finishing bottlenecks. At the highest levels, finishing departments can’t keep up with the automation and machine control the rest of their colleagues seem to benefit from. Autonomous robots overcome those challenges by achieving higher productivity, consistency and quality no matter your part mix.

Process and Control Are Out Of Sync

More, Better, Faster, Cheaper – we all want the same things, but sometimes we can’t decide which to prioritize. Ultimately, while one process might push productivity up, it ultimately comes at the cost of quality and consistency. With Omnirobotic, you can stop trying to reinvent the wheel and finally use a solution that meets your finishing department’s real needs. 

Work With Machines That Have Some Savvy

With skilled workers, you can often just “set a goal and go”. Today, however, there are too few of them, they’re expensive to train, and too valuable to put in dangerous and undesirable roles. With finishing departments already overrun compared to the rest of your operation, using robots that simply need to be told WHAT to do – and not HOW to do it – can empower your organization to reach its real goals. 

Committed to a New Age of Automation

We’re driven to provide general purpose technology that enables manufacturers to do more than ever before. Partners and contributors are necessary to this process, which is why we’re proud to be a member of the Association for Advancing Automation in helping get that job done. 

Bringing autonomous manufacturing robots to the floor

Omnirobotic’s Shape-to-Motion™ Technology turns industrial robots into a flexible, responsive workforce that can fill the gaps in your finishing department and overcome critical shortages in skilled labor. Learn more about what applications it works for below!