The Brains of Your Operation

Our OmniBrain™ uses industrial-grade architecture and AI-based task planning methodology to generate a unique plan for each part you process - all without a human ever taking control.

3D Perception

The OmniBrain ™ uses data from our 3D Perception systems, along with STEP and STL formatted CAD files, to identify the part faces to be processed in their real-life orientation, freeing robots from the programming and jigging constraints of the past. 

Server-Grade Processing Power

Using dozens of cores, combined with high-end GPUs and a hot spare-based system architecture, the OmniBrain™ is designed to see and process parts in real process time – 24/7/365 – wherever upstream scanners are available.

Multi-Robot Driver & Simultaneous Planning

The OmniBrain’s™ power isn’t just required to see parts, but to execute processes according to the complex needs of modern manufacturers. This includes the ability to drive multiple robots and simultaneously divide tasks between them based on the manufacturer’s needs. 

Line Tracking

High-mix manufacturers have been looking for throughput improvements any way they can. The OmniBrain™’s line tracking features include the capability to adapt to stoppages and sudden change, meaning your production quality is matched and improved through autonomous robots.

The Brain Power Needed to Get the Job Done

Our OmniBrain™ is purpose-built to bring about a new era of autonomous manufacturing. If you’d like to understand what applications you can address today, click below.