Your Eyes On a New Era in Robotics

Our 3D Perception Systems provide an all-angles reconstruction of your parts to enable your robot to function autonomously.

Infrared Structured Lighting

3D Perception relies on an infrared structured lighting approach. Working similar to radar, they’re calibrated to generate accurate 3D images to below 1 millimeter, giving our OmniBrain™ the spatial awareness to drive your robot.

Sensor Fusion

Using a novel Sensor Fusion approach, up to 6 3D scanners can be arrayed to each side of a part while contributing their own perception to a 3D reconstruction that is accurate in real time, perfectly guiding the tool paths of your equipment. 

3D Reconstruction

3D perception enables complete 3D reconstructions that match your parts as they are in your environment to our OmniBrain’s™ Digital Twin. Within this Digital Twin, all the processing needed is done to guide your robot without any human control. 

Built for Factory Environments

3D scanners are on the front lines of robot autonomy. Their anodized aluminum casing and IP65 equivalent environmental protection mean heat, dust, moisture and more won’t stand in the way of getting the job done.

Greater Productivity is in Sight

Omnirobotic’s 3D Perception systems form the base of your Shape-to-Motion ™ Technology approach for a variety of materials handling scenarios. See if your application fits below.