The Engine for Autonomous Machines

Omnirobotic’s platform uses 3D Perception, Digital Twin technology, AI and more to make manufacturing smarter, safer, greener.

Save People Pain, Save the Earth

Automation has always been transformational, but at the same time, too inflexible to create a truly abundant society. In helping to build Omnirobotic’s platform, you’re saving workers from dangerous jobs, saving the Earth from waste and toxic materials, and enabling manufacturers and their skilled workforce to do more.

3D Perception and AI

In order to make robots autonomous, they have to be given the senses to interact with the real world. Omnirobotic’s 3D Perception techniques involve the latest in 3D vision cameras and modern techniques like sensor fusion to turn the impossible into ordinary for the everyday manufacturing facility.

Tool and Motion Planning

Our platform isn’t just built on recognizing parts in the real world, but further on understanding the process needs and constraints as well as the robotic requirements for a given operation. If you’re working on the motion planning team, you spend your days thinking about one thing: how can robots do their own job better than we can ever do it ourselves. 

Studio and Platform

The core vision and robotics technologies used by our engine are powerful, but just as challenging (if not more) are the infrastructure, backend and architecture required to support it. With the Platform and Studio – our proprietary Autonomous Robotics IDE – you create the experience of building and deploying autonomous robots across embedded, cloud, GUI and SDK based environments. Did we scare you yet? Only a little bit? Good! That’s how it should feel!

Taking the Next Step

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Omnirobotic is a mission-driven organization that wants it’s employees to create, learn and explore.

Learn Our Story

Omnirobotic’s founders Francois and Laurier decided to start Omnirobotic in 2016, in order to build the world’s first platform for autonomous manufacturing that could meet the needs of multiple value-added processes.

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Omnirobotic's structure and growth mean that you can position your work to make the most possible impact.