Skilled Labor Shortage?

Meet Autonomous Robots

Solutions for Coating, Sanding, Welding, Deburring and more

AutonomyOS™ is a software platform that enables existing robots to become autonomous. This means they work the way skilled labor does - with no breaks, missed shifts or downtime.

Skilled Labor at the Push of a Button

AutonomyOS™ enables you to overcome skilled labor shortage with effective, simple machines that can run 3 shifts and cost under $100,000.

Real-Time Production

Vision, Task Planning and Motion Planning means everything can happen in real-time – no programming 

Pre-Defined Skills

For processes with target lines like welding or deburring, those requirements can be defined offline and the robot processes what it sees – no more operator hand-teaching, ever!

Adaptable To Requirements

Whether you’re in sheet metal, heavy equipment, medical goods, or if you have a load bar setup, trolley carts, other approaches.

Who Benefits?

Autonomous robotic systems make life easier for:


Production managers, supervisors and executives who want to overcome skilled labor shortages.


Any process or control specialist who wants to improve quality, output or reduce rework and save on wasted material.


Robotics engineering teams who simply don’t want to go through any of the pain that comes with programming or jigging in traditional robotic systems.


Skilled workers who want to get out of harm’s way, have more comfortable and safer working conditions while being even MORE productive.

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