Shape-to-Motion™ Technology is Your Autonomous Manufacturing Toolkit

We give you the hardware and software needed to make any robot autonomous for value-added processes.

The OmniBrain™

Our OmniBrain™ serves as the core of your operation. By including industrial-grade architecture and robust processing power with 3D perception and AI-based task planning capability, the core building blocks of what you need comes in one simple (but hardly simplistic) box.

3D Perception Systems

3D scanners using structured infrared lightning can achieve complete, high-fidelity 3D reconstruction of your parts as they are through a novel sensor fusion approach. No part can hide for long, and no part face will go unprocessed with 3D Perception at hand!

Robot Compatability

Shape-to-Motion™ Technology currently supports robot drivers from ABB, FANUC and Universal Robots. Even if these don’t fit your application needs today, more models, processes and brands are always on the way.

Shaping a New Era

Autonomous Manufacturing isn’t just built on the power of autonomous robots, but on empowering your team to do more with the resources they have available. Contact us to learn more.