Your Role Is What You Make It

Omnirobotic's structure and growth mean that you can position your work to make the most possible impact.

Software Development

Software Development at Omnirobotic is a No-Boundary Environment. Within the various mandates of our team, you can address everything from:

Engineering Services

As a member of Omnirobotic’s Engineering Services team, you’ll be:

You’ll also have so much fun… you may just stop calling it “work”!

Sales, Marketing, HR & Admin

Within the various support teams around Omnirobotic’s key value generators, you’ll be:

Our values

We are building something great, and we want to be great in our daily work.


No Guesswork
We use the right words, the right tools and the right methods for the job.


We say what we do and we do what we say
No white lies, no half truth. This is the foundation of trust with colleagues, partners, customers and investors. We practice radical candor.


We are learners, not knowers
We are motivated by the profound desire to constantly learn. We don’t shy away from debate or challenges, regardless of the title or position of the presenter. We inspect and adapt.


Employees, Customers and Shareholders
Each decision must ultimately balance the core values of our employees, the best product we can deliver to customers, and the best possible return to shareholders.


We are transparent, vulnerable and respectful
Psychological safety is crucial for team success. We create and maintain an inclusive environment of trust, safety and collaboration, especially during debates.

Where You Can Excel

Every member of Omnirobotic’s team is different, but it’s our unique competencies that allow us to work together in building great things. When you join Omnirobotic, you can expect a variety of interesting challenges depending on your role:

Taking the Next Step

Discover Your Next Job

Omnirobotic is a mission-driven organization that wants it’s employees to create, learn and explore.

Learn Our Story

Omnirobotic’s founders Francois and Laurier decided to start Omnirobotic in 2016, in order to build the world’s first platform for autonomous manufacturing that could meet the needs of multiple value-added processes.

Learn What We Build

Omnirobotic’s platform uses 3D Perception, Digital Twin technology, AI and more to make manufacturing smarter, safer, greener.