The particulars on setting up your own autonomous manufacturing robot.

We do not distribute robots. We distribute equipment and software to add autonomy to existing industrial robots. Robots themselves can be purchased through a distributor, integrator or commonly available channels.
We currently support non-contact spray processes. This includes but is not limited to: liquid painting, powder coating, porcelain enamel coating, shot peening, sandblasting, thermal spray. Additional non-contact processes like inspection processes are supportable, but require custom integration at this time. 
We support batch and overhead conveyor workflows. Batch systems are organized by tray management. Overhead conveyor workflows can serve in “power and free” or continuous motion capacity up to 10 feet-per-minute. Additional workflows are supportable, but must be addressed through an integrator or project internal to the customer. 

You pay Omnirobotic for your 3D scanners, OmniBrain™, connecting equipment, and monthly subscription to the AutonomyOS™ platform. Equipment can be purchased and serviced through an integrator, while software subscriptions are always directly billed by Omnirobotic.

Omnirobotic has partnered with major robotics OEMs, paint equipment OEMs, and select Certified System Integrators (CSIs). Omnirobotic can refer you to a local CSI through its partner network, or you can bring your own integrator as long as they can meet Omnirobotic’s standard certification requirements. It is likely that your preferred integrator has already considered servicing AutonomyOS™, so don’t hesitate to bring it up with them.

AutonomyOS™ is compatible with a variety of end effectors, but it does not support a human-focused paint gun or comparable equipment. Your existing equipment vendor likely provides the appropriate end effectors to integrate a AutonomyOS™-based system – contact them or speak with your integrator to verify the appropriate choice.

AutonomyOS™ doesn’t just replace Offline Programming Software (OLP), but manual robot programming and the need for customized Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs). Because Omnirobotic’s technology allows robots to effectively “program themselves” significant cost savings can be realized on manual robot programming, part jigging and related integration costs. Contact us to learn more about AutonomyOS™.

We do not currently support welding. However, AutonomyOS™ is robot and process-agnostic, meaning that it can effectively be applied to any process and existing robotic hardware where the right process models, behaviors and parameters are supported. We plan to support welding, machining and more in the future.

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