Integrators and System Builders

Open a New Market to Robotic Automation

AutonomyOS™ and AutonomyStudio™ let you build autonomous robotic systems for High-Mix manufacturers. Nearly 80% of manufacturers don’t have environments that work with robots, but not with Omnirobotic in hand!

Deliver Projects in Less Time with Better Margins

AutonomyOS™ takes the programming and jigging out of robotic system integration. This means that your team can realize more projects in a shorter amount of time through the power of AI. With AutonomyStudio™, control specialists can demonstrate the behavior of autonomous robotic systems to the end-user virtually, early in the project, reducing upfront risk and minimizing startup time at the end-user facility: less production disruption for your customer, higher margin for you.

Build Solutions with Zero Cash Down

We want to work hand in hand with integrators, not add to their burden. That’s why Omnirobotic only collects revenue from licensed end users. This allows us to support our technology and lets you the peace of mind to do what you love: building great systems!

Key Benefits

With AutonomyOS™ and AutonomyStudio™, integrators don’t just have a new set of tools, but a new and easier way to sell – with fewer end-customer requirements.

New Markets, Better Margin

Less Work Per Project

Keep Building Your Niche

Zero Cash Down to Build Solutions

Empower More Clients to do More

If you’re a robotic integrator or machine builder, you might benefit from working with us – we certainly have plenty of leads for you! Contact Omnirobotic today!

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