Transform The Way You Work: Use Autonomous Robots!

Omnirobotic’s technology powers autonomous machines that let you manage varied parts within raw parameters. Take your skilled workers out of harm's way, overcome shortages, improve productivity and eliminate downtime with robots that actually respond to the parts in front of them.

Increase Productivity

AutonomyOS™ allows robots to adapt to parts in real time, regardless of their shape and position and with no programming required. This means you can finally automate High-Mix or highly varied productions, unlocking the traditional benefits of robotics in a workflow-friendly way.

Reduce Skilled Labor Shortage

By allowing robots to work the way skilled laborers do, this technology lets you put robots in positions they can’t otherwise take today. This means you don’t have to keep fighting the skills shortage – you can move your best people to better jobs and save on all the pain that comes with today’s labor market.

Key Benefits

Omnirobotic’s platform is designed with the manufacturer in mind, enabling a new way of doing business.

Improved productivity

No more skilled labor shortage

Lower production costs

Less waste and rework

Improved consistency through automation

Lower burden rates

Safer, cleaner and greener environments

Easier duplication between facilities

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