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We just raised $6.5 million to expand our offering

We are pleased to announce that we have recently closed a seed round of $6.5 million CAD to expand our technology platform from painting and spray operations to machining, welding and other value-added processes.

The funding was led by Fonds de solidarité FTQ and Export Development Canada, along with additional contributions from Real Ventures and our current employees, who formed a cooperative investment vehicle in order to participate in the round. We are grateful to all our investors for the contribution they’ve made and how they’ve bought into our vision for a new era of autonomous manufacturing.

We are overjoyed by the success both us and our clients have had in showing how effective autonomous industrial robots can be with our OmniPainter™ and Shape-to-Motion™ Technology. With this new investment, we expect to continue expanding the reach of our proven solutions for industrial spray and coating applications, while also building the framework for an autonomous manufacturing platform that will change the game when it comes to value-added and high-mix production processes.

By providing a universal solution to every one of the mass customization challenges that manufacturers face, we expect to fundamentally transform how manufacturers approach their work. Soon, they will no longer be held back by challenges like persistent skilled labor shortages, energy and environmental waste, rework, inefficiency and lack of automation for high-mix productions.

With this in hand, manufacturers can focus on design, their employees can focus on managing more effective production processes, and everyone can prosper from machines that simply need to be told WHAT to do – not HOW to do it!!

Of course, essential to this process is finding the right people to build this offering. We have a variety of openings in technical and software positions. If you want to master the world of 3D vision, robotics and AI, click here to learn more!!!

You can access the full release below

English-language Seed Funding Announcement

French-language Seed Funding Announcement

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