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(White Paper) Deglobalization: What Industrial Manufacturers Need to Know

Today’s world offers us more uncertainty than we’ve seen in generations. For industrial manufacturers who have diversified their supply chains, globalized their workforce and internationalized their search for margin, global uncertainty poses more risk than it does to almost any other industry.

It’s not just a changing economic landscape that has caused this. The spread of COVID-19 has accelerated all the risks we’ve seen with both demographic decline and a rocky global financial market. In the midst of all this risk, deglobalization has become a more clear watchword of those in the know. What can industrial manufacturers do to respond, and how can they do so before the greatest risks rear their ugly head?

The quick answer is this: automation, but not in the ways they’ve done it before. Industrial manufacturers need systems that respond in real-time to changing needs. This will allow them to go to market more quickly with a greater mix of products that is not only better suited to that same market, but is also built with solutions that achieve higher productivity, profitability and free up their already scarce skilled workforce to focus on the jobs they love doing – and not the ones they don’t.

Futhermore – and this may come as a surprise – many of these challenges were already percolating long before COVID-19 came to pass. With the risks of slowing trade flows, increased costs and decreased demand boiling over, the spread of a global pandemic has only served to accelerate every business’s step towards radically reevaluating their needs and implementing solutions that respond to them.

Has your organization been wondering how to respond to today’s challenges? Haven’t been able to define what they are in a clear and concise way? If these are questions you’re asking, then this is the White Paper for you. Omnirobotic’s team has spent decades guiding autonomous industrial manufacturing solutions to market, and amidst a changing investment environment, they know what your firm needs to get ahead. Check out the White Paper or leave a comment below and we’d be glad to offer perspective on your opinion and feedback.

Download Our White Paper on Deglobalization Here

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