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Stop Wasting Time with Robot Programming

Robotics engineering teams need more capacity than ever, but traditional integration models mean that your work is always slower than you’d like. Whether it’s for traditional or High-Mix scenarios, AutonomyOS™ is truly an enabler for your team to do more.

Increase Capacity and Productivity

By allowing robots to function according to the real shape and position of parts WITHOUT any prior programming, AutonomyOS™ gives engineering teams the ability to improve their own capacity and take on more projects with ease while also fulfilling the automation needs of their firm.

Make Duplication Easy

Because AutonomyOS™ allows robots to adapt to unstructured environments, no two environments or processes have to be the same – you can still put to work the same behaviors and process models that you used before! This is a big step forward for any manufacturer with multiple facilities.

Key Benefits

Build autonomous applications with AutonomyStudio™ and magnify the capacity of your team, to infinity… and beyond!

Don't Waste Time Programming

Duplicate Projects Easily

Increase Productivity and Capacity

Meet Corporate Goals Faster

Alleviating the Skills Shortage in Robotics

While the frontline workforce faces constant shortages, automation experts also face shortages of their own. With AutonomyOS™, those shortages can be overcome through a powerful platform. Contact Omnirobotic today and let’s work together!

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Automation Component OEMs


Automation Component OEMs

Finally Sell Robots to High-Mix Customers

Most robot manufacturers and distributors have always had to tell High-Mix customers that “robots aren’t for you”. With support for your equipment built into AutonomyOS™, you can leverage a powerful new tool to finally master the challenges of High-Mix, and reap the rewards on equipment sales.

Create Defensibility, Reduce Risk

AutonomyOS™ is a flexible solution and works in markets that don’t have the same precise expectations that traditional roboticists are used to. This means that you can diversify your customer base, provide easier projects to integrators and have tools to act with agility when new competition emerges.

Gain Ground in Key Applications

Every robot manufacturer has their niche markets, and nobody wants to see a repeatable use case under threat. With AutonomyOS™, you can sell your own autonomous machines and give more repeatable use cases to integrators in your most profitable applications.

Key Benefits

Our partners are the key to enabling more manufacturers to use robotics. At the same time, partners benefit most of all. 

Master New Markets

Protect Your Existing Business

Give Integrators Powerful Tools

Find Repeatable Application Sales

A Shot in the Arm for the Robotics Industry

Robot autonomy isn’t far off in the future… it’s here! We want to allow the entire ecosystem to grow, not fall for the winner-take-all errors of the past. Contact Omnirobotic today and let’s work together!

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Transform The Way You Work: Use Autonomous Robots!

Omnirobotic’s technology powers autonomous machines that let you manage varied parts within raw parameters. Take your skilled workers out of harm's way, overcome shortages, improve productivity and eliminate downtime with robots that actually respond to the parts in front of them.

Increase Productivity

AutonomyOS™ allows robots to adapt to parts in real time, regardless of their shape and position and with no programming required. This means you can finally automate High-Mix or highly varied productions, unlocking the traditional benefits of robotics in a workflow-friendly way.

Reduce Skilled Labor Shortage

By allowing robots to work the way skilled laborers do, this technology lets you put robots in positions they can’t otherwise take today. This means you don’t have to keep fighting the skills shortage – you can move your best people to better jobs and save on all the pain that comes with today’s labor market.

Key Benefits

Omnirobotic’s platform is designed with the manufacturer in mind, enabling a new way of doing business.

Improved productivity

No more skilled labor shortage

Lower production costs

Less waste and rework

Improved consistency through automation

Lower burden rates

Safer, cleaner and greener environments

Easier duplication between facilities

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