Omnirobotic is a mission-driven organization that wants it’s employees to create, learn and explore - all to build revolutionary robotics software that no one sees coming!

Our World Is Your Playground

Our partners and customers give us access to the newest equipment, the best technology and the most novel approaches in robotics and manufacturing – tinkerers and dreamers unite!

The Brains Behind Sci-Fi Grade Tech

We don’t build robots – we provide the technology behind them to help manufacturers face down generational challenges. Come make the world a better, fairer place!

Work as a Team, Still Do Things Your Way

While key meetings and collaboration require targeted times, we know real innovators don’t think along a strict 9 to 5. Take advantage of our flexible environment to do your best work.

Want Work to be an Enriching Experience?

Getting inspired to do your best work doesn’t come easy. That’s why we’re all about giving you what you need to succeed.

Investors that support our growth

We’re backed by institutional investors like Fonds de Solidarite FTQ and have received funding through Federal Climate Initiatives. When you join us, you know you can make an impact for the long term.

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