An Integrated Development Environment for Autonomous Machines

AutonomyStudio™ makes it easy to validate machines before any equipment is purchased. Whether you're a machine builder, integrator, or enterprise robotics engineer, AutonomyStudio™ is the only way you can take full control of building your own autonomous machines.

Comprehensive Scene Editor

While it has the look and feel of any 3D virtual or Offline Programming Software, that’s where the comparisons end. AutonomyStudio‘s™ Scene Editor lets you optimize the size, position, and tooling of robots in a much more efficient way, unleashing AutonomyOS™ to auto-validate hundreds of scenarios effortlessly within minutes, not days.

Visual Behavior Editor

Behavior Editing is a breakthrough that fundamentally changes industrial robotics. Forget defining and recording motion. Start defining true Domain Knowledge using our visual programming language, then let AI find a motion solution for any part autonomously – all in real time.

Key Features

AutonomyStudio™ is designed to meet the needs of integrators and automation specialists looking to address the High-Mix market. 


Operate in a comprehensive IDE that lets you optimize production workflow - whether highly customized or for real-time function.

Avoid "Project Creep"

Engineers and Automation Providers know that demands and requirements can be like moving goalposts. Adapting with AutonomyStudio™ is easy.

Build Behaviors, Not Programs

Behaviors aren't programs, they are modalities that function for an indefinite number of parts. This means one size can, in fact, fit all.

Validate Before Production

AutonomyStudio™ offers features like RoboPlayback which allows for comprehensive validation of operation before startup.

Autonomy is still a new concept for many manufacturers. If you’re trying to integrate a solution for a client with AutonomyStudio™, you can use RoboPlayback to generate an example motion of a behavior set against a specified part. This can be done with 3D CAD files or reconstructed meshes from a vision system, making Proofs-of-Concept as easy as ever!

Understanding Omnirobotic

What’s in the Omnirobotic Platform?

The first-of-its-kind Autonomous Robotics Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Use it to build Autonomous robotic projects in record time without touching a single line of code.


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