The Universal Operating System for Autonomous Manufacturing

Built on fundamentally transformative AI and Industry 4.0 principles, AutonomyOS™ offers a new generation of possibilities for robotic and automated machine control.

Built-In Task Planner

From its inception, AutonomyOS™ was built with global task planning robust enough to encompass any value-added process. 

Task Planning

From the highest level, AutonomyOS™ can produce an output for any process simply by understanding the process model. 

Deep Learning

3D Perception and Motion Planning leverage varied aspects of the latest AI to produce the most efficient, consistent process output.

AutonomyOS™ is one-of-a-kind

Motion Planning For Real-Time Applications

With a deep understanding of a machine’s defined robot kinematics, process constraints, and the real-time acquisition of entering part shapes, AutonomyOS™ can generate motion plans for any industrial robot and effectively support Lot-Size-One production.

Drivers for 3D cameras, PLCs and Robot Controllers

AutonomyOS™ is already compatible with multiple 3D cameras and robot controllers. Support for any additional hardware can be achieved through a documented Third-Party Plugin process, making AutonomyOS™ a future-proofed platform for your autonomous machines.

Revolutionary 3D Perception

Autonomous robots cannot function without perception, but the costs of perception can often outweigh the benefits. Omnirobotic has changed this by enabling integrators to deploy 3D Cameras using HDR-enhanced sensor fusion, providing a cost-effective, robust 3D Perception solution that eliminates the need to adjust camera parameters.

Unlock True Potential

Empower Your Teams To Do More

The potential for multi-purpose autonomous robotics technology is transformational, especially for high-mix manufacturers. By helping robotics providers like FANUC offer a new set of solutions, Omnirobotic is letting high-mix manufacturers get savings from automation and manual labor while continuing their flexibility, production density and easily managing new part introduction.

Barton Faylor

Program Manager, FANUC America Corporation

Understanding Omnirobotic

What Machine Builders Get With Omnirobotic

AutonomyOS™ is the engine of your autonomous machines. It can run the intelligence and know-how of skilled productions with the consistency of a machine, maximizing efficiency through the power of autonomous robots. 


The first-of-its-kind Autonomous Robotics Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Use it to build Autonomous machines in record time without touching a single line of code.


The OmniBrain™ is purpose-built, on-premise, AI optimized hardware specifically designed to run AutonomyOS™. With the OmniBrain™, your production data never leaves your facility, while we handle the hardware cost complexity and maintenance as part of your AutonomyOS™ subscription.


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