Remove Uncertainty

Robotic metrology is in its infancy, but consistent analysis of parts is evermore necessary in high compliance industries. AutonomyOS™ is the answer.

Maintain Position

With the right positioner and 3D perception, you can satisfy the need for consistent positioning without elaborate jigs or fixtures.

Automate The Tedium

Take skilled workers away from limited-value processes and put them places where they can do their best work. Amplify productivity with an autonomous robotic system.

Who Benefits?

Autonomous machines make life easier for:


Production managers, supervisors and executives who want to overcome skilled labor shortages.


Any process or control specialist who wants to improve quality, output or reduce rework and save on wasted material.


Robotics engineering teams who simply don’t want to go through any of the pain that comes with programming or jigging in traditional machines.


Skilled workers who want to get out of harm’s way, have more comfortable and safer working conditions while being even MORE productive.

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