Smooth Operations With Fewer Pain Points

Deburring is the worst of all worlds. High-volume, tedious, painful to the point of injury, and parts are rarely ever the same. With an autonomous machine, machine and casting shops can finally offload this undesirable work and put their operators to better use.

Automate Truly Painful Work

AutonomyOS™ is the brains of your cell. Instead of wasting your workers’ brains, let AutonomyOS™ see your parts, reconstruct your process, and remove your materials all at the push of a button.

Eliminate Pain

Highly repetitive processes can cause tens- or even hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in medical costs per year. Autonomy allows for adaptability while workers focus on materials handling. 

Reduce Burden Rates

Autonomous Robots don’t cut headcount – in fact, the productivity improvements they provide INCREASE employment. 

Who Benefits?

Autonomous machines make life easier for:


Production managers, supervisors and executives who want to overcome skilled labor shortages.


Any process or control specialist who wants to improve quality, output or reduce rework and save on wasted material.


Robotics engineering teams who simply don’t want to go through any of the pain that comes with programming or jigging in traditional machines.


Skilled workers who want to get out of harm’s way, have more comfortable and safer working conditions while being even MORE productive.

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