Batch Painting

Your Own Autonomous Paint Booth

Powered by AutonomyOS™, you can deploy your own paint robot for any type of part. Flexible loading and material handling mean that any work cell can be made easy for operators to handle, while you get your best possible output from start to finish.

Adapt To The Shape of Your Part

AutonomyOS™ enables automated robot programming for any part in any position. Finally, robots can work the same way skilled workers do – by responding to the process in front of them. 

Backfill Open Roles

Demographics are destiny, and labor shortages aren’t going away. By empowering existing skilled workers with autonomous systems, you improve both productivity and the quality of life at work. 

Reduce Waste

Fundamentally, any inconsistency can lead to rework, rejection or returns. These are the biggest sources of waste for many manufacturers, but your own autonomous robotic system can fix them. 

Flexible Workflow

The 3D Perception, task planning, motion planning and more that comes within Omnirobotic’s platform can limit or eliminate many of the constraints that come with traditional automation, including the need for High-Volume production.

Simplified Material Handling

Autonomous robots still need operators, but your operators can use varied positioning systems that require limited expertise (or none at all) while maximizing the operational time of your robots, while minimizing cycle time. This means never-before-seen work rates, and more comfortable work. 

Stunning Output

The finish quality that comes from robotic systems is always second-to-none, but with a system powered by Omnirobotic’s AutonomyOS™ you can finally apply that quality in High-Mix productions. 

Who Benefits?

Autonomous machines make life easier for:


Production managers, supervisors and executives who want to overcome skilled labor shortages.


Any process or control specialist who wants to improve quality, output or reduce rework and save on wasted material.


Robotics engineering teams who simply don’t want to go through any of the pain that comes with programming or jigging in traditional machines.


Skilled workers who want to get out of harm’s way, have more comfortable and safer working conditions while being even MORE productive.

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