Conveyors and Continuous Lines

OmniRobotic’s Shape-to-Motion™ Technology is able to track your line and parts as they move in front of the robot, as well as distinguish parts and orientations in real time, increasing throughput when compared to a human-driven line. This comes with added improvements in quality, efficiency, productivity and reduced consumables waste, achieving performance not humanly possible.

Aerospace and Other Batch Processes

With OmniRobotic you can automate high precision processes for compliance-driven industries like aerospace. This provides flexibility with batch processing, while also allowing you to specify characteristics like coating thickness and other variables in a flash – all without time spent on traditional programming solutions. Increased consistency, productivity and quality mean less rework, fewer tradeoffs between customer orders and higher profitability than ever before.

Large Assemblies and Heavy Equipment

Manufacturers of large assemblies and heavy equipment in industries like agriculture, transportation, construction often struggle with achieving repeatability at scale for their their paint and powder coating processes. Combined with high-mix product offerings and sometimes dangerous work environments, self-programming robots can not only get human workers out of harms way – they can also drive productivity, efficiency and reduce consumables waste, even on huge load bars or other massive moving projects.

The Benefits of Self-Programming Robots

With Omnirobotic's technology, you can see immediate benefits that help drive a fast payback period, all while aligning your finishing department and improving other spray processes through the existing benefits of industrial robotics.

Waste Savings & Efficiency

Waste Savings & Efficiency

Lost time, productivity, consumables waste and energy costs all cramp your production's profitability. Omnirobotic plugs those leaks and allows you to get through each batch better off.

Lower Unit Labor Cost

Lower Unit Labor Cost

With less skilled labor available and constant recruiting and retention headaches, robots close the gap and make each unit cheaper to finish.

Higher Quality Output

Higher Quality Output

Robots have always been known for precision and reliability, but Autonomous Industrial Robots finally allow high-mix manufacturers to access benefits they haven't seen before.

Your Partner in Powder Coating

We’ve felt the pain of coating applicators who’ve struggled to find skilled labor or trained a new workforce only to see them leave for other opportunities. As a member of the Powder Coating Insitute, we’re dedicated to gearing our Autonomous Industrial Robots to making the world an easier place to powder coat. 

Don't Wait - Get Fast Payback

Shape-to-Motion™ Technology is designed to amplify existing industrial robots and automation resources. You don't just save on labor costs and waste while also profiting from increased productivity - you can meet more demand in less time. Learn more below!

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